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عا سطوح بيروت شاهد جميع الحلقات

ع سطوح بيروت - الأحد 19 آذار 2017

Sun, 19 Mar 2017

“3a Stou7 Beirut” is a show that aims at covering and discussing, with different guests, the latest weekly cultural, political, artistic news. In other words, “3a Stou7 Beirut” is a kind of talk show that documents actual weekly events and discusses these events on TV with a group of guests who have great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed. The show is divided into three sections which, in turn, are divided into different subsections. Each of these sections and subsections covers a different aspect of the actual life. These sections and subsections generally alternate between feature stories and headlines, celebrity interviews, lifestyle features, controversial or humanitarian topics, and others. Moreover, these sections also aim at establishing a sort of interaction between the show viewers and the guests, and that, through the different tackled topics. In other words, the tackled topics may raise awareness in the minds of the viewers, or even, give them some valuable information.


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