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  1. Why can't I watch Live TV

    Live Stream and Video on Demand is provided by our partner, YouTube. YouTube uses flash applications and we recommend that you download the latest flash player for optimum results. To download the latest Flash Player, visit

  2. Is Live Streaming available on iOS and Android?

    Yes, Live Streaming is available in the Mobile App on Both Android
    and iOS

  3. Is there any Mobile Application for OTV?

    Yes, you can find both Android and iOS applications on the respective Store Android iOS

  4. Where can I follow OTV on Social Media?

    OTV was one of the first TV stations in the region to adobt the Social Media, our Facebook Page was founded on April 12, 2008. 4 years later, we are now on the verge of having 100,000 fans, you can follow our daily updates by clicking like at OTV on Facebook.

    Like Facebook, OTV joined Twitter 3 years ago and has over 9000 followers, you can follow us on Twitter at @OTVLebanon

    With over 1300 videos watched more than 5 million times on YouTube, OTV signed a Partnership with YouTube and YouTube became the official Live TV and Video on Demand provider online,subscribe now to OTV on youtube.